New York Times Style Histogram: an Excel template

Histogram made with excel and resembling the New York Times style

The New York Times applies a distinctive style to its plots and data visualizations: Clean, airy, slightly round font. Clean labels with bold font for titles and light font for the description and content. The prominent use of light-gray gridlines. Here […]

Stream Error Plot: Excel template

The Stream Error plot reports the average data embedded in a shaded area representing the error (or variability) associated with your main measurement. How to build the plot The plot is built as a stack of area plots: The positive error […]

Plotting 3 variables in 2 dimensions

Reducing multivariate data to lower dimensions is critical for visualization. However, sometimes you have to plot more than 2 variables on different axis (i.e. you need at least three axis). The case of 3 variables in 2 dimensions When 3 […]

Color Palette for Data Visualization in Excel

Choosing the right colors for plotting data is fundamental. Here you can download an Excel file with a color palette for data visualization.   What you will find in the excel file Column B is a tentative description/name of the color Column C is […]

What This Website is About

This website is for anyone who works with data. You need to visualize data in order to understand the data. Nowadays data is Big Data, Smart Data, and Rich Data. However, human beings have a hard time to understand the […]