Video Games Development

It looks like I am following the herd (aka my age cohort) and I found myself into video game development.

Saying that I enjoy the whole process is an understatement! In videogame development there is everything I love:

  • UX/UI
  • Story telling
  • Programming
  • Design

The game engine of my choice is the fabulous Godot. It is very intuitive, the scripting language (Gdscript) is python-flavored. I must admit that coding video games (even inside the game engine environment) is a continuous challenge to my programming skills.

I find particularly stimulating the idea of orchestrating the whole activity of these scripts interacting at multiple levels. It’s a non-stop learning experience.

I started working on a point-and-click adventure – but the process of creating it from scratch is so demanding (and sometimes frustrating) that I had to put it on hold.

SO I now moved to the development of a cute platformer, and I have to say that I am enjoying every bit of it 🙂


Leonardo Restivo

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