A collection of software/Libraries/Tools that I use every day



Anaconda | Python + sci-computing/ data analysis/ data visualization libraries
Miniconda | Like anaconda, but you get to choose the packages to install
Sublime Text | Text editor
RStudio | R ide

Data Visualization

Processing | Interactive data visualization
D3.js | SVG-based interactive data visualization (web-oriented)
P5.js | Canvas-based interactive data visualization (web-oriented)

Text mining

Spacy | “Industrial-Strength Natural Language Processing in Python”
NLTK | “The leading platform for building Python programs to work with human language data”

Illustration + Design

Inkscape | Vectorial drawing software
ColorTagGen | Color picker and extractor. Mac only
Sketch | Vectorial drawing software (UI-oriented)

Image analysis + editing

Cellprofiler | Image analysis software (cell-oriented)
FIJI (ImageJ) |  Image analysis
SVGO | Image compression for SVG files
ImageAlpha | Image compression for PNG files

Network Analysis + Visualization

Gephi | Network data visualization and analysis
Cytoscape | Network data visualization and analysis