SfN17 illustrations

I could not attend the Society for Neuroscience 2017 annual meeting … So I just connected to twitter, followed the #sfn17 hashtag and tried to immerse myself in the moment, but rather than tweeting 140 characters, I have tried to diffuse my frustration (for not being there) by tweeting some “fresh” illustrations on the topics … Continue reading


The Mighty Mini Scope for Behavioral Studies in Microorganisms

I used to spend many hours working on microscopes, but now that the job has changed I am no longer playing around with microscopes. So you can imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to develop a behavioral setup for microorganisms. There’s plenty of interesting and fascinating questions to ask in the microcosmos but … Continue reading


My top 6 “positions” in bed…

Feeling so sleep-deprived lately… ūüôā


Object Exploration Patterns

This is how a mouse reacts when you change the spatial arrangement of the objects placed inside the arena. #openfield #objectexploration #memory #spatialchange


Taking a Break from Data Compression

I’ve been doing a full immersion in data compression lately (especially focused on video compression). Just to take my mind off entropy encoding, fast python implementations of Run Length Encoding, OpenCV, and Fourier Theory, I have been playing around with some old vectorial drawings… Also, I am trying to drop my obsession with the brain … Continue reading


Artificial intelligence, Deep Learning, Memory in the Brain and Data Management: link roundup

This is a ~weekly Link Roundup of the most interesting content I found in the past week. News and Resources for Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience . ¬†What are the open research areas in Deep¬†Learning?¬†– www.quora.com Big data and biomedical informatics: a challenging opportunity¬†– www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov ¬†Could a Neuroscientist Understand a Microprocessor? – journals.plos.org neuroscience is held … Continue reading


I was shot by my toddler

AKA How I managed to survive an armed toddler. I hide a gun in my house, it’s in a safe place. I have a gun¬†(Smith & Wesson Shield) hidden in the top drawer of a chest of drawers by the main hallway. It’s conveniently located between the bedroom and the entrance door. It’s there for … Continue reading


Weekly link roundup for Artificial intelligence and Neuroscience: Week 18

This is a ~weekly Link Roundup of the most interesting content I found in the past week. News and Resources for Artificial Intelligence¬†and Neuroscience. Neural Episodic Control – arxiv.org Deep reinforcement learning methods attain super-human performance in a wide range of environments. Such methods are grossly inefficient, often taking orders of magnitudes more data than … Continue reading


Link Roundup for Brain, AI and Data Science

News and Resources for Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience & Data Science. Abstracts – neuroinformatics2017.org Abstract submission is open for the Neuroinformatics conference. Workshops- COSYNE 2017¬†– www.cosyne.org The conference is long past, but the list of abstracts is the best way to catch up with what is (and will be) trending in neuroscience, and brain-based artificial intelligence. … Continue reading