New (dark) Color Palette for 2018

New year, new color palette for data visualization!

I do not use a lot of dark backgrounds. I definitely prefer using white backgrounds (both for print – of course- and powerpoint slides). Light backgrounds help the Reader/Audience to focus on the data presented. Dark backgrounds require more heavy processing. Nonetheless, a dark background is really elegant and works nicely on screen (web pages in particular).

So, we’ll see if this color palette will make it to my future visualizations!

Dark color palette for data visualization - 2018

and here is a list for quickly grabbing the colors:

  • #C03D22 (red)

  • #D46F32 (orange)

  • #DFA03D (yellow)

  • #F2DFC1 (pale brown)

  • #79AEA0 (light green)

  • #699CC8 (light blue)

  • #3D3E40 (dark background)


Leonardo Restivo

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