Link Roundup for Brain, AI and Data Science

News and Resources for Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience & Data Science.

Abstract submission is open for the Neuroinformatics conference.

Workshops- COSYNE 2017 –

The conference is long past, but the list of abstracts is the best way to catch up with what is (and will be) trending in neuroscience, and brain-based artificial intelligence.

Course: UNIX

A nice introduction to linux (e-learning modlue) provided by the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics.

Getting Started With TensorFlow –

Introduction to Tensorflow, the open source library for machine intelligence.

New Singapore research center for big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence –

those without knowledge of computer programming could soon design their own games and applications using a new edutainment software being developed by nanyang technological university, singapore (ntu singapore).

Editor: a project by

A very smart editor that does automatic tagging, thanks to AI and neural networks. It’s a bit old … I wonder if it is still in use at NYT

Visual Information Theory — colah’s

Brilliant visual introduction to information theory


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