Life is too short

No time
Indeed, life is too short!

I don’t have the time to curate my “made-from-scratch” blog so… back to WordPress! – – updating the content right now…

Both the blog and the portfolio will be merged in this website.

I will miss the level of control and the seamless dance between Python / Javascript / HTML / CSS / Gulp.JS and Bash that created my old blog …

But hey … explore this new website: read about data visualization, neuroscience, design and web.

Don’t forget to explore the resources page to find out the software and tools I use to work with data, design and the web!

— The photo was taken from the amazing unsplash website —


Leonardo Restivo

Behavioral Neuroscientist, M.Sc., Ph.D. - Passionate about Behavior, Data Visualization & Psychology. Read my CV+résumé. Follow me on twitter @scipleneuro


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