Hubbian, SfN and the Infamous Cease & Desist

AKA: How we pissed off the most important neuroscience conference in the world The annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) is amazing: fresh content, amazing speakers, a galaxy of satellite meetings, social events and neuro-twitter VIPs social gatherings (sfn banter). However, the program is HUGE and finding the right stuff (abstracts, events, people …) is a daunting task that … Continue reading


Brain Tissue and Color-Depth

The Amygdala The neurons of the central nucleus of the Amygdala fire whenever we experience fear.   The Hippocampus The neurons of the CA1 field of the hippocampus help us find our way (e.g. spatial navigation… but they do much more than this!) Do neurons come in different colours? Neurons are not colourful. they appear grey/white-ish under a regular … Continue reading


Leap of faith in memory research

We live in a chaotic world where life-saving information rapidly dissipates together with our chances of surviving in such a harsh environment. Nonetheless, the nervous system features an astonishing degree of behavioral and neural plasticity allowing us [i] to rapidly respond to the changes in the environment and [ii] to transform labile events into persistent … Continue reading