Link Roundup for Brain, AI and Data Science

News and Resources for Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience & Data Science. Abstracts – Abstract submission is open for the Neuroinformatics conference. Workshops- COSYNE 2017 – The conference is long past, but the list of abstracts is the best way to catch up with what is (and will be) trending in neuroscience, and brain-based artificial intelligence. … Continue reading


Live Calcium Imaging in Freely Moving Subjects: The Dark Ages of Neuroscience?

In 2011 Mark Schnitzer’s Lab in Stanford came up with a brilliant technology: a miniaturized integrated microscope that can be implanted on a mouse head (read the paper here) to observe cell activity while the mouse is free to move around and perform behavioral tasks. This technology is now available thanks to Inscopix, Doric, and … Continue reading