Artificial intelligence, Deep Learning, Memory in the Brain and Data Management: link roundup

This is a ~weekly Link Roundup of the most interesting content I found in the past week.

News and Resources for Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience .

 What are the open research areas in Deep Learning? –

Big data and biomedical informatics: a challenging opportunity –

 Could a Neuroscientist Understand a Microprocessor?

neuroscience is held back by the fact that it is hard to evaluate if a conclusion is correct; the complexity of the systems under study and their experimental inaccessability make the assessment of algorithmic and data analytic technqiues challenging at best. we thus argue for testing approaches using known artifacts, where the correct interpretation is known. here we present a microprocessor platform as one such test case. we find that many approaches in neuroscience, when used naïvely, fall short of producing a meaningful understanding.

 DeepStack: Expert-level artificial intelligence in heads-up no-limit poker –

 Facebook AI Research (FAIR) –

facebook artificial intelligence researchers (fair) seek to understand and develop systems with human level intelligence by advancing the longer-term academic problems surrounding ai. our research covers the full spectrum of topics related to ai, and to deriving knowledge from data: theory, algorithms, applications, software infrastructure and hardware infrastructure.

i am

One of the best resources for intuitive, practical, and clever introduction to neural networks and related concepts.

Laboratory of Intelligent Systems |

Predicting explorative motor learning using decision-making and motor

until recently, motor learning was viewed as an automatic process that was independent, and even in conflict with higher-level cognitive processes such as decision-making. however, it is now thought that decision-making forms an integral part of motor learning. to further examine the relationship between decision-making and motor learning, we asked whether explorative motor learning could be considered a decision-making task that was adjusted for motor noise.

Shared memories reveal shared structure in neural activity across individuals : Nature Neuroscience : Nature

the authors demonstrate that activity patterns in the default network during unguided spoken recollection of real-world events were similar between individuals recalling the same specific events.

Ten Simple Rules for Creating a Good Data Management

Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data

The ODNI-OUSD(I) Xpress Challenge: Machine Generation of Analytic Products –

the office of the director of national intelligence (odni) and the office of the under secretary of defense for intelligence (ousdi), are interested in determining just how far along we are toward achieving the goal of machine-generated finished intelligence. this challenge will pose a representative question to be answered by respondents using a completely automated system to sift through text reports and generate a finished intelligence product.
a total of $500,000 is available for awards in multiple categories, including a top award of $100,000 for the best overall submission and $30,000 in early stem education awards for high school student team submissions.


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