The memory trace, the engram, and the big confusion

I firmly believe that many untold assumptions about how the brain works bias the questions we address in memory research.

To me, understanding how the brain forms persistent memories is ... Read more

Leap of Faith in Memory Research

We live in a chaotic world where life-saving information rapidly dissipates together with our chances of surviving in such a harsh environment. Nonetheless, the nervous system features an astonish ... Read more

What is in your biscuit?

Maria is the second-most-awesome biscuit in the world. It's simple and tasty. I do believe that my food should taste of ... well food (not sugar, salt, bbq sauce or stuff like that).

Food i ... Read more

Choice plot

If you have an agent (or multiple agents) that can choose between two mutually exclusive states (1 and 2), then its preference for either state can be plotted with a choice plot.< ... Read more