I had this dream about me casting a shadow on Saturn’s rings. So I took the opportunity to dust off Inkscape 🙂 Made with Inkscape and some further lighting and texture with Gimp. This is the outline version.


Bear in the Snow

Falling in Love with Inkscape, again. I haven’t used GIMP in a while, I wasn’t particularly happy with the interface and its usability – so when I downloaded it the other day, I was happily surprised by how good it is now!


Behavioral Neuroscience for Rational Minds – Part 1

One year ago I was hired as the head of the behavioral core (Neuro-BAU) at the Department of Fundamental Neurosciences (University of Lausanne, – Switzerland, @UNIL). It’s been a year of success stories, learning new ways of doing research, and frustration, too. The following is a reflection on the role of behavioral neuroscience in … … Continue reading


Remembering something sad

There’s plenty of things in life that can radically change our point of view on life. Many of these events can be categorised under the file “personal life experiences”. These are events we experience “on our skin”. Some of these events are pivotal in promoting deep psychological changes. However, sometimes it happens that events distant … Continue reading


Pattern completion game

I’ve been through a rather long period during which my creativity was virtually absent. This has already happened to me in the past and one of the tricks for getting out of it is to look at ordinary things with a different point of view (i.e. spending the commute time on the bus looking at … Continue reading


Repeating patterns

There is something undoubtedly fascinating about repeating patterns. Add some shadows and the whole thing becomes mind-blowing!


Inter-cortical Module: concept drawing & Powerpoint slide

The Powerpoint slide can be downloaded here. It is fully customizable with colors, animations and whatnot. The slide contains the basic elements: two neurons (two colors), two cortical slices (two colors). Think of it like a basic toolbox to build the slide according to your needs. This is just an experiment, more slides (more complex … Continue reading


Discovering some old drawings!

Going through some old hard drives I found some interesting stuff! I used to spend hours at night drawing with Inkscape and Sketch. These may be around the time I was (like most of the people I know) into Breaking bad. Actually one of them (the whale in B/W) was drawn while I was in … Continue reading


Bright Color Palette for Data Visualization

This brilliant (and bright) color palette was extracted from an email I received from DZone.  you can see the original image (the ad about DevOps) at the bottom of this post. The color matrix is really fascinating: it is a high density data visualization that can be fruitfully used for many different type of data. Different … Continue reading