Video Games Development

It looks like I am following the herd (aka my age cohort) and I found myself into video game development. Saying that I enjoy the whole process is an understatement! In videogame development there is everything I love: UX/UI Story telling Programming Design The game engine of my choice is the fabulous Godot. It is … Continue reading


Behavioral Neuroscience for Rational Minds – Part 1

One year ago I was hired as the head of the behavioral core (Neuro-BAU) at the Department of Fundamental Neurosciences (University of Lausanne, – Switzerland, @UNIL). It’s been a year of success stories, learning new ways of doing research, and frustration, too. The following is a reflection on the role of behavioral neuroscience in … … Continue reading


Pattern completion game

I’ve been through a rather long period during which my creativity was virtually absent. This has already happened to me in the past and one of the tricks for getting out of it is to look at ordinary things with a different point of view (i.e. spending the commute time on the bus looking at … Continue reading


The Mighty Mini Scope for Behavioral Studies in Microorganisms

I used to spend many hours working on microscopes, but now that the job has changed I am no longer playing around with microscopes. So you can imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to develop a behavioral setup for microorganisms. There’s plenty of interesting and fascinating questions to ask in the microcosmos but … Continue reading


My top 6 “positions” in bed…

Feeling so sleep-deprived lately… ūüôā


Artificial intelligence, Deep Learning, Memory in the Brain and Data Management: link roundup

This is a ~weekly Link Roundup of the most interesting content I found in the past week. News and Resources for Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience . ¬†What are the open research areas in Deep¬†Learning?¬†– Big data and biomedical informatics: a challenging opportunity¬†– ¬†Could a Neuroscientist Understand a Microprocessor? – neuroscience is held … Continue reading


I was shot by my toddler

AKA How I managed to survive an armed toddler. I hide a gun in my house, it’s in a safe place. I have a gun¬†(Smith & Wesson Shield) hidden in the top drawer of a chest of drawers by the main hallway. It’s conveniently located between the bedroom and the entrance door. It’s there for … Continue reading


Weekly link roundup for Artificial intelligence and Neuroscience: Week 18

This is a ~weekly Link Roundup of the most interesting content I found in the past week. News and Resources for Artificial Intelligence¬†and Neuroscience. Neural Episodic Control – Deep reinforcement learning methods attain super-human performance in a wide range of environments. Such methods are grossly inefficient, often taking orders of magnitudes more data than … Continue reading


Link Roundup for Brain, AI and Data Science

News and Resources for Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience & Data Science. Abstracts – Abstract submission is open for the Neuroinformatics conference. Workshops- COSYNE 2017¬†– The conference is long past, but the list of abstracts is the best way to catch up with what is (and will be) trending in neuroscience, and brain-based artificial intelligence. … Continue reading