Repeating patterns

There is something undoubtedly fascinating about repeating patterns. Add some shadows and the whole thing becomes mind-blowing!


Inter-cortical Module: concept drawing & Powerpoint slide

The Powerpoint slide can be downloaded here. It is fully customizable with colors, animations and whatnot. The slide contains the basic elements: two neurons (two colors), two cortical slices (two colors). Think of it like a basic toolbox to build the slide according to your needs. This is just an experiment, more slides (more complex … Continue reading


Discovering some old drawings!

Going through some old hard drives I found some interesting stuff! I used to spend hours at night drawing with Inkscape and Sketch. These may be around the time I was (like most of the people I know) into Breaking bad. Actually one of them (the whale in B/W) was drawn while I was in … Continue reading


Bright Color Palette for Data Visualization

This brilliant (and bright) color palette was extracted from an email I received from DZone.  you can see the original image (the ad about DevOps) at the bottom of this post. The color matrix is really fascinating: it is a high density data visualization that can be fruitfully used for many different type of data. Different … Continue reading


Vectorial Brain Slices

A collection of brain slices made with Graphic. I’ve recently updated my mac to the latest OS and – unfortunately – my favourite illustration software (sketch) seems to be not fully compatible with the new OS (at least the VERY old version I have). While this is indeed a real DISASTER, I have been forced … Continue reading


New (dark) Color Palette for 2018

New year, new color palette for data visualization! I do not use a lot of dark backgrounds. I definitely prefer using white backgrounds (both for print – of course- and powerpoint slides). Light backgrounds help the Reader/Audience to focus on the data presented. Dark backgrounds require more heavy processing. Nonetheless, a dark background is really … Continue reading


SfN17 illustrations

I could not attend the Society for Neuroscience 2017 annual meeting … So I just connected to twitter, followed the #sfn17 hashtag and tried to immerse myself in the moment, but rather than tweeting 140 characters, I have tried to diffuse my frustration (for not being there) by tweeting some “fresh” illustrations on the topics … Continue reading


The Mighty Mini Scope for Behavioral Studies in Microorganisms

I used to spend many hours working on microscopes, but now that the job has changed I am no longer playing around with microscopes. So you can imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to develop a behavioral setup for microorganisms. There’s plenty of interesting and fascinating questions to ask in the microcosmos but … Continue reading


My top 6 “positions” in bed…

Feeling so sleep-deprived lately… 🙂